10/15/21: A new case has been posted to the COVID Dashboard

Zinser Elementary News
September 3

Zinser Elementary News September 3


COVID & Mask Information:
As a reminder, currently all K-6 students need to be masked throughout the school day through a Kent County health department order. Students can have mask breaks distanced from others, and will not need to wear them on the playground. We will have cleaning expectations in the classroom during the day as well. We are starting the year eating in the lunchroom, in assigned seats mirroring the classroom seating chart. Even without the health screener this year, we are asking you to continue to monitor your child and keep them home with symptoms. With a positive case, we, with Nurse Courtney will be back with us to help answer COVID related questions, including how and when students may need to be quarantined. You can call the office at 453-2461 for further questions.

Important Building Information:

School Day Times:
8:30: First bell for students to enter the building
8:35: School Day officially begins
11:00-1:00: Lunches/Recess
3:30: Kindergarten and Early Dismissal
3:37: Dismissal Bell for 1st-5th grades

Half Days: Dismissal is at 12:05 pm

Lunch Menus:
KHPS is providing FREE breakfasts and lunches through the school year once again! Menus are sent electronically and are available at www.khps.org and on the mobile app. If you need a printed copy, please contact the school office. We appreciate your support of the Food Service Program. - KHPS Food Services Department. Our menus are now available online. Check them out here! https://khps.nutrislice.com/

Payment for breakfast and lunch can be made electronically through E-Funds. Checking account payments can be made with no processing fee. Debit/Credit card payments do have a small handling fee. You can access E-Funds through the following link: https://eps.mvpbanking.com/cgi... or go to the district webpage (www.khps.org) and click on $ E-Funds in lower left hand corner of the web page. You will need your child's student ID number. You may obtain the number from the school office or the food service office at 784-0175.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications
Free and reduced lunch applications can be submitted at any time through the school year. Please go to www.lunchapp.com to complete an application.


Parking Lot Notes:

  • Please consider utilizing our bus transportation option to avoid the busy parent pick-up lot.
  • Always look to pull up where and when possible to help with the flow. Tell your child to look for the correct car and be ready. If your child is late to the sign and you pulled up past it, you can circle around the lot and keep your car moving.
  • Thank you for those turning right only. We know it’s an inconvenience for some but we believe it will help speed up the line and be safer in the long run (we've had a couple accidents at that intersection).
  • Drop off starts at 8:30; If you are in the lot before 8:30, you may drop your child off a few minutes early to get the traffic flowing, but the child will be standing by the grade sign until the 8:30 bell. All 1st-5th grade students can enter at the bell in the designated door.
  • Please only use the right lane for drop off and pick-up, the inside lane is a pass by lane only. Please pass by with caution. It is very dangerous to let students out in that lane.

Drop Off Expectations:

  • Drop off starts at 8:30 with the day officially starting at 8:35.
  • Kindergarten (including K-Knights) families please park and walk to the flagpole to have your child line up with the class at the 8:30 bell. The teacher will come out and greet the students and enter the building together.
  • Staggered entrances will be used once again. Grade level signs will be put outside by the designated door. After the first week, students will walk in the correct door at 8:30 or later and head directly to the classroom.
  • We will be flexible with tardies again, and do not expect to track them until after 8:50 am.
  • Breakfast will be picked up by the child when entering the building (or shortly after) and eaten in the classroom.

Dismissal Expectations:

  • The school day ends at 3:37.
  • Kindergarten (and K-Knights) and early pick-ups start at 3:30. Kindergarten parents please park and walk to meet the class and get the child by the flagpole for a more intimate and safe pick-up. We will designate consistent early pick-up families once again. Please contact our office if you can consistently be in the parking lot early for an early pick-up at 3:30.
  • There will be multiple exits used to social distance exiting (same exits as we will use in the morning).
  • No parents will be allowed to come inside the building to pick up students.
  • 1st-5th grade families will use the car line in the parent parking lot for pick-up. Your child will stand at the correct grade level sign and enter the car when it’s at the sign or close to the nearest pull up spot. You may need to pull up past the grade sign to help with the flow.

Birthday Procedure: Here is the procedure for treats in the building.

  1. Individual treats or “gifts” are not encouraged again this school year. Instead, we are encouraging you to donate a book to your child’s classroom in honor of them and their birthday. You are welcome to personalize the book or we can do it for you.
  2. You can have your child visit the office or Mr. Willick for a birthday pencil!
  3. We do not want birthday invitations to be passed out to students during the school day. A student may pass out invitations if everyone in the class will receive one, or a parent can discreetly give some invitations to the teacher, who can place them in backpacks.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts Showcase School
Last spring Zinser was honored as a National Showcase School through Capturing Kids’ Hearts! This program helps us strive for a positive culture and climate built around positive relationships with students.

Zinser Vision, Mission, & Motto:

  • Vision: Zinser Elementary is a high functioning learning community that is driven by a positive and student centered school culture.
  • Mission: to build responsible citizens.
  • Motto/Code of Cooperation: Kids Who CARE: Choosing an Attitude of Respect and Empathy

Kenowa Hills Vision: to be the most innovative and student centered district in the state

Kenowa Hills Mission: to cultivate and graduate globally competitive citizens

Thank you for being a part of the Zinser and Kenowa Hills community. We’re excited for another school year! Please always remember I’m only a phone call or email away if you have any questions or concerns!

Mr. Ross Willick
(616) 453-2461


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Our Personal Mastery educational experience has redefined education and has gained attention around the state and nation. Personal Mastery provides your child with personalized attention from teachers. Instead of teaching to a broad group of students without understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses, Personal Mastery allows teachers to interact with students individually or in small groups to help them better address their weaknesses. In this way, we strive to help your child reach their full potential.


At the home of the Knights, athletic programs are a vital part of building character, drive, commitment, and teamwork for our student athletes.


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